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KUKKIWON qualification Course
November 6th - 11th

The registration has been closed


Offline International Master Course

November 6th - 9th

4 days

Practical: in-person.

Theory Portion: in-person.

Poom/Dan Examiner Course

November 10th - 11th

2 days

Practical: in-person.

Theory Portion: in-person.

Organized by


Colombian Taekwondo Federation

Conducted by

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Hosted by

In order to apply for the Kukkiwon Dan Certificate for your students.

Effective July 2023, only masters who are certified as an International Master will be able to apply for the Kukkiwon Dan for their students. Otherwise, your Dan application will be denied.

  1. Starting in July 2023, only masters who possess at least a 3rd Class International Master Certificate will be able to apply for Kukkiwon Dan certificates for their students. Otherwise, Dan Applications will be denied.

  2. If you are Kukkiwon 4th Dan or higher you are eligible to apply for the 3rd Class International Master Course and the 3rd Class Poom/Dan Examiner Course at the same time.

  3. If you are Kukkiwon 2nd Dan or 3rd Dan you are eligible to apply for the 3rd Class International Master Course. The completion of this course will be recorded on your Kukkiwon profile and when you become a Kukkiwon 4th Dan, you can apply to have an International Master certificate be issued to you.


Offline International Master Course

November 6th - 9th

(All-day Monday - Thursday)

Check-in: Monday, 6th,  8-10 am
Check-out: Thursday, 9th, 10 pm

Poom/Dan Examiner Course

November 10th - 11th

(All-day Friday - Saturday)

Check-in: Friday, 10th,  8-10 am
Check-out: Saturday, 11th, 10 pm

 *All times are subject to change.

Eligibility of Participation & Fees


Coliseo Palacio de los Deportes. 

Bogotá, Colombia; Avenida Calle 63 - Transversal 47

Arrival Airport: El Dorado International Airport (BOG)

Image by Pedro Lastra

How to register in 2 steps


Choose the correct course

Make sure to read the Eligibility of Participation & Fees section above to register for the correct course.

Once you pay the course fee, continue with the 2nd step.


Upload your Documentation

​After your course registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the link where you must upload the documentation.

​If you paid for the course but you didn't upload the documents required, you won't be able to participate.

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Official KUKKIWON Uniform

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-02 at 10.55.23 PM.jpeg

Your course fee registration includes an Official KUKKIWON Taekwondo Uniform. (1. Doesn't include a Belt. 2. Doesn't apply for Retest registration.)

If you registered for 1 or 2 courses you will receive only one Uniform, we are handing out uniforms per person not per course registered.

Registration Documents

  1. Color Photo for ID

  2.  Copy of ldentification (Driver License or Passport)

  3. Copy of Kukkiwon Dan Certificate

  4. Copy of 2 nd or 3 rd Class Master Certificate (1st or 2 nd Class Master Course Candidates)

  5. Copy of 2 nd or 3 rd Class Examiner Certificate (1st or 2 nd Class Examiner Course Candidates)

  6. Copy of Current Certification (Refresher Participants)

  7. Proof of Participation (Re-Test Participants)


All participants shall bring the following:


  1. Dobok (Kukkiwon-recognized Taekwondo uniform meaning all white with black v-neck), training shoes, and writing instruments.

  2. Identification such as a Driver's License or a Passport.

  3. Colombia Citizens/Residents.
    A) No Covid-19 vaccination card OR a Negative Covid-19 test will be required.

  4. Foreigners.
    Follow the Colombia Health Department Regulation. LINK

All sales are final
If you are not qualified and you applied for any course you won't be refunded.

The registration has been closed


Colombian Taekwondo Federation
Rene Forero Tavera, President.

Honorable Director
GM Oskar Posada R. 

Colombia Mobile: +57 313 7431841

Organizer Director
Antonio Luis Ortegon S
Colombia Mobile: +57 310 8675105



Juan carlos López Molano
Phone: +57 3203888551


Jean Carlos Gamarra Morales
Phone: +1 (321) 297-3610

Maribel Alonso
Phone Mexico: +(52)5520792024
Phone USA: +1 (773)6770827

Puerto Rico

Edgard de la Cruz

Phone: 443-952-4388


Office: +1 (847) 480-9224

US Mobile(English/Korea): +1 (847) 309-2011

Daniel Vanegas Ruiz.
US Mobile(English/Spanish): +1 (708) 549-7081


Purple Podiums

Official Sponsor

Daedo Koguryo Colombia

Representantes para Colombia de la marcaDaedo Internacional.

Juan Carlos López Molano
Phone Number: +57 3152414203

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