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Official Kukkiwon Uniform and Belt

Your course fee registration includes an Official KUKKIWON Taekwondo Uniform. (Doesn't apply for Retest registration.)

If you are interested in buying an extra Official Kukkiwon Uniform or an Official Kukkiwon Belt, you will be able to do it without exceeding a quantity of 10 per item.

  • If you are taking the 2023 Kukkiwon Seminar in June or November will be handed it to you during the event.

  • If you are not taking the Kukkiwon Seminar the goods will be shipped out to your address provided. The Uniform/Belt Will be shipped during the June or November Seminar.


WTMU, World Taekwondo Masters Union


Office: +1 (847) 480-9224
Mobile(English/Korea): +1 (847) 309-2011
Mobile(English/Spanish): +1 (708) 549-7081

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