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Privacy Policy

WTMU will not sell or give out your personal information and will only use it to contact you for things related to WTMU. By joining I agree that  my participation in the program is without assumption of responsibility of any kind by WTMU (herein, its officers, agents and employees. In consideration of the acceptance of my registration, I do hereby release and forever discharge said association and organizations, their officers, representatives and successors from any and all damages, losses or injuries which I may sustain directly or indirectly in connection with this program from any and all claims of any kind which may have or hereafter acquire, and all such claims are hereby waived and released and I covenant not to sue therefore. WTMU takes photos and videos of participants in classes, during activities and special events. I am giving permission for WTMU to use these photos and videos in publications, websites and social media outlets. All photos and videos are the property of WTMU. I acknowledge that I have carefully read this waiver and release and fully understand the privacy policy. 

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